(Req) DJ MARKET PRO looking for this indicator


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looking for this indicator, its name Dj market pro, if anyone have please share with us. thanks in advance
This indi lock by username in mt4 acct and if i am not wrong so far no one can crack this indi and this indi can give a good result in day trade n scalping
AMAZING BRO!!! finally dj market can crack but this version cannot give notification for hp or android isn't it? n hope this version is not use expired date, but many thx for your share,so lets try this indi perform
It repaints, all except one the arrows on the chart... but they are easy to find indi free online... i test it on simulator it shows this.. let see wht others will say...


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Thanks for the upload. But the user manual is missing. Can somebody please post it so we can figure out how this works.

Thank you