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Doda MA indicator


Hello friends this is checkmail and while surfing found this doda ema system on mq4forum which uses three ema for signals.
I want this indicator to be modified like extern MAmode (3)
extern maperiod (3)
extern matype(close/open)
extern text color

Another modification required here is this current indicator is based on 3 ema, want it to be based on pure cross like that of 2 ma.Means nothing but 2macross.If could add this logic to 2macross indicator it would be good.

Actually got interested in this indicator as it gives out the target price and even the stoploss price.Would like to know the logic behind it.

One more indicator here which informs whether an price is trending or flat, would like to know the logic of that indicator.:)


  • Doda-EMA.mq4
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  • Doda-Trend.mq4
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  • 2MA Crossover.mq4
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Here is the first indy. The Doda-Trend only checks if the 14 period ATR is greater or less than the 14 period StdDev. Are you wanting the 2 MA Crossover to be 3 MA instead?


  • Doda-EMA.mq4
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