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Double my account every month with scalping


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Good morning traders, i had created an youtube channel to show all of my daily scalp trades.In the last 8 tradingdays i had a very nice run from 100%.
I don't know what you think about scalping, but im sure that's the best think to make the big money on the FX markets.

This is my last video

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well very nice scalping ... the problem your are not replying any emails or even on youtube ...i am in dubai too and cant contact you ...i guess your preparing for educational paid website or managing accounts and its not bad or wrong but at least give us something to contact you on ...even the scalping lessons you said about are not being sent by your website....keep it up


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im sorry. we have our automatic mail system, and we fill in youre email again manual, and one time only youre email without other clients.But it shows that you dont open the mail.Maybe youre email client is too safe, you can try with another emailadress.
the most of our subscribers receive the 7 scalping lesons without problems.


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So your on sharing forum and have nothing to share
So what is your method of scalping
What Indicaters do you use
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