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Dow Jones July 2020


Hi Everyone

Hope all i doing well and is enjoying the summer

I have spent the past months improving and learning, so here is a updated cycle for DOW, for July 2020:

30 June - Low

06 July - High

12 July - Low

19 July - High

23 July - Low

31 July - High

There is a possibility of a inversion around 12th July, is on the line, but i have is a NO, meaning i dont think it will invert - However keep it in mind, so if it begins to run opposite from there then you know why :--)

This forecast is backed up by another COR from Tunnel

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hi Unclocked

i have been following your posts for a while now, very impressive i must say. I have create this account to ask you; do you teach your technique?


Hey there
Welcome to the site, and happy to hear you enjoy my posts :)

Yes, i do teach this, so send me a private messeage and then we can talk about it :)

Best regards


I take it this based on or similar to Steve Copan Matrix market Cycles

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Hi :)

I have watched the video you linked, so my statement is only based on that video

I wouldnt say Gann in anyways is based on this, if anything it should be the other way around

What i dont like is that one of the cycles had a orb of a few weeks, thats way to much in the Gann world
It felt like he wasnt sure where the bigger cycle would pivot at
Ganns time cycles ALWAYS pivots together, and have more or less the same dates

With Ganns way you will always know where a inversion zone is and when it will invert - there are a set of very spefefic rules for that
Thats something i feel like the person in the video lack

And I wonder if hes able to predict price?
And where does he gets hes turn dates from - via Ganns way we use past market moves
To end it on a high note, then i like that he gets the concept, that the two cycles pivot together :--)


Time for a update, sorry for the delay, have been enjoying the summer :)

we had the following forecast for July:
30 June - Low - came in 29th

06 July - High - came in 6th

12 July - Low - came in 12th

19 July - High - came in 19th

23 July - Low
- came in 23rd

31 July - High
- came in 30 or 31st

I have attached a photo below of the month :)

Now, you may be wondering what the highlighted dates were, 30th, 19th, 23rd and 31st - They were a bigger COR, could it have been MaM? (the Green line is the bigger COR)

A good month, turned out great - I will post the August month in a min

Stay safe and have a great summer

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Thats a good question

A COR stands for: Cycle of Repetition
These are the cycles that makes it possible to predict market movements
They are not the cause of the moves , but they are the effect of something else - thats another topic

Mam is a COR
Mam stand for: Marie The Angle Of Mercy

MaM, together with some others, can be found in WD Ganns book, Tunnel thru the air
Its the book where Gann hid all hes cycles :)

Hope it cleared it up

Best regards


yes you did, thanks for the explanation
i understand what an cycle of repetition is, but can you explain a little bit of Marie the angle of mercy?
i have apsolutely no idea what that means.


ah ok, thanks.
just on more question if you don't mind:
you can predict high's and low's with Gann technique,
but is it possible for you to predict the price?
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