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(ask) EA for Gold Trading


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Yes, I have a profitable Gold EA. It grows your account everyday and very consistent with low risk.


here it is put it on 1 hour chart enjoy this nice gold robot
Basically, this robot open up to 30 orders by default, without ant SL. Which mean if you find yourself in a big trend, it will kill your account. Not sure what you call in there as a nice gold robot.

Based on what I see in the code, there is no any check / rule why this EA would open the trade. It happen without any rule.

It use some sort of GRID logic to open additional trades, but when the price finally goes in the correct direction, it only close one trade from the GRID and not the others.

I have seen bad robots, but this one surely is one without any logic.


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i m wondering this robot created to make money or to blow accounts ?
and who always in win in both causes ... ?
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