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I propose That we use one thread to update our performance from all different EA. If we place them all in on thread we would be bale to find them with more eazy. If we title the thread with the ea's name and then give a discription of performance that would make it easier to allow everyone to follow current progress on any particular EA.

This is Just me thoughts, MJ please give your thoughts on this concept. We would continue to do the due diligence on each EA thread but one we have solid results either live or demo we would then use this thread to inform everyone in one location.

Just a thought, please give you input.



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Nice suggestion, but...

Nice suggestion, but...


Good day,

I agree with this suggestion, but the there would be some disadvantages since there is no profitable EA, especially the commercial ones.

I believe you know that only Martingale EAs could be profitable for a while till they blow up the account.

I guess you would notice that the results of some EAs would be varied based on many factors and not only that, but sometimes they fail because of the brokers themselves having either high spreads or high slippage...etc.

I hope to hear more opinions so we can get more feedback and as a result better understanding to how we can reach such aspect.

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good ideas

good ideas

i agree with both of you. I've been testing many EAs with potential and yet I've not come across one that can return a consistent monthly profit.
I placed Thunderbolt (from FX Bling) 5 months on a live account and while it has an 85% accuracy rate, everytime it lost it would give back weeks (and months) worth of gain. My account went up 16% and now it's a few hundred below the original amount.

So i think in general we should assume that there is no profitable EAs out there until proven otherwise. Some of them may work for months and then fail a few months of the year, but when that happens they give back all the gains and more...

Given what I've seen, i don't think any Scalping EAs will be profitable long run because market condition changes and their risk to reward ratio is horrendous.

On the other hand, i think we may do well if we guide some of these EAs manually. For example, if we see there's no support or resistance around the current price, then it means price could explode up or down more than 30 pips, then this kind of pattern present the most risk for any Scalping EAs...since most of them have a 30 pip stop loss. The trick is to find a good way to find patterns where price will be trading in a channel/range of 30 pips as that gives the Scalper EAs the best chance of success. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas about this.


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i agree also with you all , also I am happy to read this here that mean we well find what we are all want , I want you to rember this from me ( I start from where ather stop ) so we can keep test and update so if there are anything intetrsting we can update it or change it by our self .
just go on and I am alwayes with you .

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I agree as well. I haven't found anything. I tried EB-Turbo for a few months and made maybe 5-10% on a real account every week, but then gave it all back and much more when the E/U plummeted recently. I've made EA's that are profitable on backtest for the last year, but I still feel like they aren't very safe for a real account yet. Especially if they make 300% in a year, but have only 17% profitable trades. I have to honestly say it's tough to make a good EA, because the rules always change, and what works good one day will kill you the next. It's like having a bipolar wife. Once you are in a trend, you do great. At the end of the trend, the chop destroys your gains. Hopefully, we can find the answer. I'm continually working on it, trying to find something. I'm working on a solution using some sort of dynamic indicator implementation, but I'm trying to nail down the rules, as well as the best indicator to try with this method. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thx.

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