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EA's behaviour with a big drop!


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The recent bloodbath with EUR and USD has killed all of my EAs that looked promising at one point or another:
FXPromaker (martingale)
MobyDick (martingale)
Forex Expert 2

I just went to lunch and came back and saw a $50k account went down to $2k. Thank god it's a demo account.

Does anyone else wants to share similar stories?


EA's behaviour with a big drop!


Today, the drop of the markets blew up 2 of my virtual accounts, with EA which were (up today) more or less efficient during 5 months.
I want to say that an expert advisor cannot resist if there is a violent event like today.
What is your experience?



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Yeah, my demo lost 80% today, mainly with the Blessing EA. Hedging, martingale, and high SL EA's come alive on days like today, but only their evil side! I haven't put anything on my real accounts lately for that reason.


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well, thanks to the rebound in EUR, all of the dangerous Martingale EAs ended up DOUBLING all of my demo accounts!
That's what we would expect for such crazy risk we take. :)
Hello Everyone,

I like most of you have had losing trades over the last week or so. All of my EA's Live and Demo have lost most my balances except for one.

About a month ago I began a demo account with ForexMaven EA, I use it on 8 currency pairs and use the daily chart. My acct is up from $5000 to $7227 in about a month. I have experienced large drawdowns but it eventually gets out in profit.

I hope this helps, I know ForexMaven is a simple EA but when everything else is failing this one might be the bright spot.

I am attaching Ea for you to test, please give your results. PS I have noticed that backtest are almost never good with this EA but demo test are always good.

Regards and Good Luck to all.


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