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Easy Way To Quit Smoking


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I have always smoked on and off0 but when I wanted to stop I would tell my self every that it was better not to. Also finding something else to put in your mouth (ex. gum, pez, chopstick) really helped me too!


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I have never smoked...never tried and rather be shot in the head if I ever considered to do so.

I remembered seeing this thread and when I found this share, I thought I would contribute to it. I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes by posting this find.

Stop Smoking Forever! - Version 5.0

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This new build technology makes use of some recent breakthroughs in my research and experimentation into how the brain, mind and body work and interact with subliminal suggestions. It also takes advantage of some extremely important breakthroughs arising from my research and experimentation into what the subconscious mind can actually do, as compared to what is commonly believed to be possible. To say that the results of that research stunned me would be an understatement; I literally could not believe my eyes for the first three weeks of experimenting. But the results held, and have shown their worth. The results speak for themselves. 5th Generation subliminal build technology isn't just the most powerful and effective subliminal build technology in the entire world - it is literally the most powerful, effective and advanced subliminal build and scripting technology possible.

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To give you some idea how truly powerful this program is, consider the average subliminal you can buy elsewhere to be the standard, and as such, it would be 1x power. By this measurement, my 1st Gen programs were 1x. 2nd Gen was 3x. 3rd Gen was 7x. 4th Gen is 14x. And 5th Generation? 5th Generation is a nearly unimaginable 128x! Yes, that's right - it's one hundred twenty-eight times more powerful than the average subliminal anyone else offers. 5th Generation build technology isn't just unmatched in power... it's literally miles beyond anything else on the market. There is simply no comparison! It's more than nine times more powerful than even the famous mind-bending powerful 4th Generation build technology! I was actually worried that it might not be safe to make programs this powerful, at first..

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Nowadays, you can do a laser procedure that takes less than an hour and cost less than a month's supply of cigarettes that will do the job!


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replace one addiction with another for example instead of smoking start going to the gym and soon u will e hooked


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For all the intense efforts to reduce smoking in America over the past two decades, the progress has not been stellar. Today one in four men and one in five women still smoke.


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I watch this insightfull and interesting video on youtube regarding quit smoking , here's the link

title : What is the Single Best Thing You Can Do to Quit Smoking?


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Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

I wonder if that book works for weight loss? Overeating and smoking, really no difference.
Alan Carr has written many books. He has a book on weight loss. His books are easy to understand and very convincing. I would recommend them highly.


Are you guys mad ..quitting smoke???? I have been smoking for 20 years now and I must admit this is the best thing I have ever done in my life!!! So keep smoking guys life is too short....and the stats say people who don't smoke die earlier!

That's true, listen up to this one: Calment, the oldest woman who lived 122 years, smoked for almost 100 years from age 21 to 117, isn't it amazing and we have people who never smoke die at young age, crazy odds isn't it...look here for more info:


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It's all in our minds, friends. The way I see it, quitting smoking is very simple. Simply don't smoke. And please don't do it for God, family, friends, pets or anybody at all. Do it for yourself. You have to make the decision. I quit smoking in the year 2000, and have abstained since. Take the challenge on a day to day basis. Unlike a drinking problem, smoking is harder to quit, since the withdrawal pangs show after about 10 to 15 days and you should feel better after a month or so.

Okay, 80 percent of the people reach this stage but then they meet some old friend/get together party and "simply share a drag for old times sake" and all that previous effort goes in vain. Let every one around you smoke but take courage in the fact that you are stronger and won't succumb to that urge to take that single drag.

But you need to be honest with yourself. Otherwise it will never work. I mean, you must have a sincere desire within yourself, to quit. That's it.

A quote by Aristotle - the great philosopher. (not me!!)

-I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self.


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I think all these methods work not only for smoking case. They helped me to train my strength of will in general, I became more proactive person and it effected my trading results. I became more patient in stressful situations, which now helps me to control emotions and not to loos all the money at once but close the deals at the right moment.


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To quit Smoking is possible only then, when people truly will start to appreciate own life and this will happen only when ill-health will be felt, and people will be should make the choice either live out the fullest life without Smoking, or continue Smoking and die in the near future.


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I smoke 2 packs a day, hard to stop..

but, something weird, I can not smoking while my daughter is in the car and I am not smoking outside my working room.


I was reading Allan Carr's book while I was quitting time ago. It was really helpful. But I have to admit that besides the book I had a really strong feeling that have to do it, so in my opinion that was a priority than a book. And another thought that I just couldn’t escape whale all this process and the thing was I am constantly killing my health and myself and I pay for that! That was a explosion for me I couldn' stand
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