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Price Action Patterns

Spot large moves, and take positions before the rest of the market does.

Surf the Wave

Simple approach to trade the waves without knowing or counting them.​

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Simple Wave Analysis and Trading by Chris Svorcik

Never miss important price movements:

  • Three fully rules based trading systems (totally non-discretionary).
  • Five discretionary trading systems (3 with trend and 2 counter-trend).
  • Color coded candles and momentum arrows for potential entries (after analysis is completed).
  • Custom designed Moving Average indicator and Fractals for spotting trends and support and resistance levels.
  • Wizz target tool for spotting the best Fibonacci targets.
  • Multiple time frame indicator for trend direction.
  • The special alignment MA tool (moving average) for filtering out failing setups to avoid ill-timed trades.
  • Proprietary oscillators show momentum and divergence in new ways.
  • The Murrey Math indicator for automated support and resistance levels.
  • Oscillator counting waves and wave patterns and showing best swing for Fibonacci levels.
  • Discover the best Fibonacci levels, learn the correct swings for Fibonacci placement, time the Fibonacci retracements levels at the correct moments, and pinpoint the most profitable Fibonacci targets.
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