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“Failure is success in progress.”
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No matter who you are, what method you subscribe to, or what trading ability you currently possess, there is one thing we all have in common – we all want to get in front of the big market moves and grow our account while avoiding the risk that often overcomes us.
We all see these BIG MOVES on a chart and dream of ways to capture them, constantly searching for methods that might allow us to catch these moves and use our account to generate a stream of cash.
For some traders its a reality to make an absolute killing in just a few hours a day EVERY DAY – and then there’s the majority. In fact 90% of all traders who throw in the towel year after year do so because they never find consistent profits.
Take a look at this picture – the cornerstone of the “Ultimate” Wavy Tunnel PLUS Trading System – This is your chance to finally grab hold of a method that has the ability to allow you to achieve your dreams of making consistent profits trading any asset class.
This is a complete system and method that will allow your trading to afford you financial freedom you have always dreamed of. From paying bills to purchasing houses, this system can grant you that potential.

Section I – Elliott Wave Series (4 Modules)
Module 1 – Elliott Wave Basics
In Module 1, Elliott Basics are presented so that you develop a solid foundation of Elliott Wave theory, master the basic wave patterns, and internalize the wave characteristics. You will receive an introduction to Fibonacci applications and how they apply to wave counting, projections, and retracements. Finally, you will get a primer on counting waves and learn the rules to know when the count is wrong

Module 2 – Impulsive Wave Patterns
In Module 2, Impulsive Wave Patterns are dissected, from the typical and most common impulsive wave structure to the diagonal wave structure, typically found at the end of trends. You will learn the rules and guidelines which apply to impulsive waves, along with the most common Fibonacci projection guidelines to calculate targets on trend moves. Finally, you will be given a step-by-step approach for Determining the End of a Trend so that at the end of this Module, you will be an expert at finding the end of a move as well as knowing when to be in the trend.

Module 3 – Corrective Wave Patterns
In Module 3, Corrective Wave Patterns are analyzed, so that after studying the Zig Zags, Flats, Triangles and Combinations you will become a seasoned corrective pattern aficionado. You will learn the Rules and Guidelines of Corrective Waves and the Fibonacci retracement levels that apply to each type. By learning these continuation patterns, you will be tuned in to when the trend will continue and make sure you are on board early.

Module 4 – Putting It All Together
In Module 4 will indeed put it all together for you. You will learn the Elliott Wave Trading Map which will provide you with a road map for position sizing on a trend move. You will learn how to increase your position size during a Wave 3 and scale down during corrective moves. Also, Multiple Time Frame Analysis will show you how to conduct a top down approach so that you are comfortable trading on the smaller time frame once you understand the Big Picture. Finally, the Daily Trading Journal will be introduced.

Section II – The Elliott Wave Ultimate Methodology (7 Modules)
Module 1 – Introduction and Overview
In Module 1, you will jump right into setting up the Wavy Tunnel on your charts. We will review trading the Market Cycles so that you understand which Wavy Tunnel trade setups apply to each cycle. Finally, the Six Wavy Tunnel setups will be revealed – PW, FG, and BO-1, BO-2, BO-3 and BO-4.

Module 2 – Trend Following Trades
Module 2 covers the Four Trend Following Break Out Trades – BO-1, BO-2, BO-3 and BO-4. Whether you get in on the trend early or later, these four trades will show you the exact timing for entries and exits. You will understand precisely how to set stop losses and determine your profit taking exit strategy. Several market examples illustrate these four Trend Following trades.

Module 3 – End of Trend Trades
Module 3 unveils the two End of Trend Trades, including the Price to Wave (PW) and the Fill the Gap (FG). You will learn how to spot the setup, trigger the entry, set the stop loss, and take your profits. These two trade setups will highlight low risk entry points and various exit points. Several market examples illustrate these two End of Trend Trades.

Module 4 – Trade Management
Warren Buffet said, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” In Module 4, you learn a trade management methodology called the Three Profiteers, which is Fibonacci-based and simple to apply. Learn how to determine your Potential Profit Area from the Wavy Tunnel setup so that you can set your profit targets and your stop loss. As your position moves into profit you are automatically reducing your position and moving your stop loss into profit.

Module 5 – Trading Live
In Module 5, we will learn how to fine tune entries looking at price action and candlestick patterns. Trade setups will be defined using proper money management. Actual trades will be analyzed. Entries and exits will be established beforehand and a postmortem of actual trades will be presented. Creating a personal trade plan will also be discussed.

Module 6 – Elliott Wave and Wavy Tunnel Connection
Module 6 links Elliott Wave counts with the Wavy Tunnel so that you begin to understand what impulsive and corrective waves look like in Wavy Tunnel land. The Wavy Tunnel with the Awesome Oscillator gives you an automatic visual of what “Wave” we are in. Therein lies the power of using this masterful setup. Also in Module 6 we will introduce Renko charts to reduce the noise from the price action. You will be able to trade the Wavy Tunnel with Renko charts!

Module 7 – Wavy Tunnel PLUS
Module 7 refines the original Wavy Tunnel setup by introducing the Bungee and Semaphores. These indicators improve the entries and exits for the six Wavy Tunnel Setups. They are used daily in the trading rooms to find trades and help build trader confidence. We also introduce a variation in the oscillator to complement the Awesome Oscillator to fine tune entries. Finally, you will study example after example of this powerful Methodology so that you are ready to pull the trigger immediately following this course!

Section III – Fibonacci Primer (2 Modules)
Module 1 – The Sequence
In Module 1, you will understand the background behind the Fibonacci Sequence. You will look at the Market Cycle to see how the market expands and contracts in proportion to Fibonacci ratios. You will see how Fibonacci plays a role in Elliott Wave and Harmonic Theory.

Module 2 – Expansion and Contraction
Module 2 explains the background behind Fibonacci Numbers in Ratio Analysis. You will understand how Fibonacci Retracements play a role in Market Contractions and Fibonacci Projections in Market Expansions. You will review the theory behind the Elliott Retracement and Trend Waves.
Section IV – Harmonic Patterns: Become a Conductor! (6 Modules)

Module 1: Fibonacci Overture
In Module 1, you will understand the background behind Harmonic Patterns. Revisit Fibonacci in the context of the FIBO relationships in Harmonic Patterns. Learn Harmonic Pattern details for Trend and End of Trend Setups. Begin picturing yourself Riding the Waves and Cashing in on Profits using the Wavy Tunnel with Harmonics.

Module 2: Harmonic Chord AB=CD
In Module 2, you will begin Harmonic Pattern study with the basic building block, the AB=CD pattern. Revisit Fibonacci in the Context of the AB=CD Converging with a Key FIBO Level of a Prior Swing Move. Learn Details for plotting the AB=CD Ideal and Alternate Patterns. Internalize Looking Left for Confirmation and Begin to Recognize Time and Price Symmetry.

Module 3: The Retracement Pattern Quartet
In this module, you will leave understanding the background behind the Retracement Patterns. You will apply Fibonacci Ratios to find Retracement Pattern Price Targets in the Convergence Zone. Learn Details for plotting the Gartley, Bat, Reciprocal AB=CD and 5-0 Patterns. Draw out Patterns with Examples.

Module 4: The Extension Pattern Suite
In this module, you will be able to distinguish between the Extension and Retracement Patterns. You will apply Fibonacci Ratios to find Extension Pattern Price Targets in the Convergence Zone. Learn Details for plotting the Butterfly, Crab, and Three Drives Patterns. Learn to see these patterns in the context of the 6 Wavy Tunnel setups.

Module 5: Wavy Tunnel PLUS Orchestra
In this module, you will have a thorough review of trend and end of trend trade setups. You will also see which Harmonic patterns fit in with the Trend trades and the End of Trend Trades. Finally, you will develop a blueprint for fine tuning the 6 Wavy Tunnel setups with the Harmonic Fibonacci targets. You will truly understand what it means to see the same market with different lenses!

Module 6: Case Study Triad
In Module 6, you will have the opportunity to review and learn from 3 Case Studies. Become a Conductor in your Trading Business!

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“Failure is success in progress.”
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“Failure is success in progress.”
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