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From their website:

EURClimber is a software for automatic Forex trading for the MetaTrader platform. It trades on the M15 charts of the EURCHF and EURGBP currency pairs. It is considered a scalper because of the small profit it takes (usually 3 - 10 pips per trade), however, it is NOT one of the dangerous super-wide/no stoploss, martingale or 1 minute/1 pip strategies. It works fine with only 14 pips stoploss, standard money management with 1% - 5% risk per trade and its average trade holding time is over 40 minutes.

Anyone got this and how is this performing? :cool:


Bought that one, it's real, backtests are real, too. Spread is really important. I like it somehow, since it not such a hard selling upsell scam site. I think it's trading some S/R strategy between 21-23:00 on EURGBP and EURCHF.
Still, it has to pay itself... I got the monthly subscription only.

It had some severe stability issues. Using a DLL that connects to their server caused my mt4 to crash multiple times - supposed to be fixed in latest version. Not sure if trading signals are coming from the server or not, anyway everything is contained in an encrypted DLL, as usual.

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