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From the creators of Euro-Blaster comes EB-TURBO?, the very latest in Expert Advisor technology. If you are looking for a powerful trading system for the Metatrader? client platform, you have come to the right place! Whether you are a conservative or aggressive trader, EB-Turbo has the capability to automate your preferred trading strategy.

The developers of this product are a team; experienced programmers and experienced traders. Basically we were tired of getting constant emails or news about such and such great trading systems that were not really that great! We wanted to provide a forex trading solution that provided free updates and free support; not just try and make a sale and then fall off the face of the earth!

After developing Euro-Blaster and experiencing strong live profits; we decided that we needed a breakthrough that would take our trading results to the next level. This was discovered from our own trading results and also from the valuable feedback from our customer partners.

1) We wanted an expert advisor that traded more often.

As much as we love the accuracy of Euro-Blaster, it was frustrating to have times when many trading days would pass with no trades taking place. EB-Turbo? has been supercharged to trade much more often than it's predecessor! We are seeing a trade frequency of about double that of Euro-Blaster.

2) We wanted to be able to trade multiple currency pairs.

The EURUSD is great for it's small spread and trading dynamics but once again it seemed to be too limiting to be able to only trade a single currency pair. EB-TURBO? can also be confidently traded on multiple currency pairs! Now your profit potential and trading frequency can really explode! (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP and EUR/CHF)



I tried this in a demo account before and lost 25% of my account in 3 weeds, I wouldnt touch it, I had more loosing trades then winning, and has a large drawdown.


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I tried it also on real. Worked great for a couple months, about 2-5% each day, and then the fatal SL when the E/U plummeted like a rock. All 5 trades hit 250 pip SL and I lost 60%.:mad: Definitely watch out with high SL EA's.


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good feedback, guys.
I had the same experience in which it did well for a few weeks then gave everything back and more (on live account).


let it be

let it be

hi guys

leave it alone

EBTurbo seems to be good in the beginning until it makes the first BIG Loss

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