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Fibonacci Sapper trading System


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Does anybody have the latest version of the 'Fibonacci Sapper Forex Trading System'.?

This is supposed to be a high win rate and consistent forex trading system.

If some one has it can you share it here.


I am still very surprise

I am still very surprise

That in this day of forex civilization, Junks like this still strive.

before God and man. The strategy in this fsts is meant to be practised only on demo account, a place where there is no string attached and no emotional trading.

a system that ignore the possibility of all the fib level up to 75% retracement , a system that ignore the possibility of price action and pattern formation, a system that instruct placement of pending buy or sell at 38.5% fib retracement, and stop loss loss at 61.8%, a system that uses fixed support and resistance with some arbitrary calculation, a system that

even the statement of the trading system was a basic test on demo account.

moreover the promoter or the system --- beastforex or so has been confirmed a scammer and made published to cftc and web address closed.

please stay away from the further reading of the manual cos they al instruct failure.

i stand to be corrected.

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