one to one coaching



I would like to address this message to any person who using the and share the file there to any person in this group, first of all thank you for giving us a time to share your indicator or any file. could you kindly use the google drive or just direct to share the file here instead you use the file upload because its too complicated to download a file in that website. everytime I click the download button there they direct me to chrome web store to download that chrome while I already have that chrome.

vitalfx and dmnik- we know that you two guys are doing great of sharing any files here could you please stop using the , that website its too complicated I hope you understand, just share the file here directly in this website that is the reason why we are using this website, not to direct in any website. if the file was too big you can use the google drive for transfer and sharing the file. Thank you very much,,,,, for those who read this message do you agree with my opinion? just say YES or NO
one to one coaching