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Forex 4seasons


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Hello!! Anybody have this one>>>

Look like it a new version


it's terrible i have lost all faith in arrows systems

Just had a look at these arrows and I do not like them at all. They are very late at giving you a change in direction. Losing you a lot of pips. One thing I do to test a new arrow indicator is line it up against T&C Wonders arrow indicator.

When you place Forex four seasons and T&C Wonders on the same chart you will see its very slow in giving you direction.



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Hi Smokey..

Like you said the Forex Four Seasons lags a lot when compared with T&C Wonders.. I plotted T&C indicator in offline charts using Rangebars.. In charts it shows very near to exact reversal points... and i am still to test in live market.. if it does not repaint.. then T&C Wonder is a real wonder..

Anyway Smokey.. thanks a million for sharing the nice indicator..


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