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ForexGumpChamp is a professional trading system. With the help of this trading strategy, many well-known forex traders and investor managers work. We, as developers, have analyzed their trading strategy and converted it into a simple and clear indicator. ForexGumpChamp itself analyzes the market and gives the trader simple and clear signals to open and close deals. In order to make your work even easier and to eliminate the need to be constantly at your computer, we have integrated an alert system into Forex Gump Champ. When a signal appears, the indicator will automatically send you an email and push notification. The default settings work on the EURUSD H1 currency pair. But if you need tweaking on other currency pairs or other timeframes, you can contact us and we will select the necessary indicator parameters for you with the help of special software for the most efficient operation on any currency pair and any timeframe. The indicator works on all currency pairs and all timeframes.

Advantages of the indicator:
  • This is a complete trading strategy.
  • Don't redraw your signals.
  • It works on all currency pairs and all timeframes.
  • automatically analyzes the market and displays signals to the trader to open orders.
  • displays the signals on all timeframes on the chart.

Indicator settings:
  • Calculation_period_of_the_first_index - indicator period for determining the first index.
  • Calculation_period_of_the_second_index - indicator period for determining the second index.
  • upper_bound - the upper price limit.
  • bottom_line - lower price limit.
  • bars - the number of candles on which the indicator will be displayed.
  • boundaries - display of price frames on the chart.
  • inform - displays the information panel on the screen.
  • Color - the color of the window with the logo.
  • thickness_of_thick_line - the thickness of the first line.
  • thin_line_thickness - thickness of the second line.
  • Signal - sending push and email notifications.

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Lets wait for Farazi to give the verdict to this one. HAHAHAHA
I will try it next week and will update soon as I am on vacation now. Yesterday was a good event for Brexit. Anyone traded?
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Lets wait for Farazi to give the verdict to this one. HAHAHAHA
Try to get SR/Trendlines/Breakout system guys (A2SR for example ). This is better than any other indicator mentioned here as we used Trendlines, breakouts in our technical setups etc as this indicator does. A buy and sell arrow signal indicator is simply not good to trade as you can loose a lot on your trades.
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