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Has Any brought Forex Mercenary, their claim is 1058 trades with out one loss!!!
What is your input on Forex Mercenary??

here guy, so please aducated

i counldn't get it to work!

i counldn't get it to work!

i counldn't get it to work!
do you need to put the folders in mt4

Has nothing to do with MT4.
It is a Java-based application which should send you signals.

It is sending a lot of signals and some produce losses.
I have shut the thing down because I don?t like it.

Of course, if you want to trade the signals, you need a forex-platform like MT4 or Oanda or something to enter live-trades manually.


bestfx you are right I got the seme results and then coudn't get rid or it. FX Junk.
First day 10 signals and then in 10 day nothing moved - no one signal.

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