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(Discuss) Forex Signal 30 Platinum Edition2016 .. Don't Fall For This Junk


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Forex Signal 30 Hype for Platinum Edition 2016 states that you can double, and even triple your money monthly by following their trading system. Curiosity from a friend enticed me to check out the system and a purchase was made with a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

According to the advertising statements, signals are for manual trading which are generated often and proven to be excellent by using their no repaint system. The sales site and Facebook group shows impressive returns and state that you will receive the system within 24 hours after purchase. Being that the system was quite inexpensive, I thought I would give it a try since the guarantee shown gave me confidence that if the system didn't work, a refund would follow.

After purchasing the system, I didn't receive delivery until several days of sending emails to someone that was in a foreign middle east location instead of the location in Arizona which was shown as an address for the company. After finally receiving the system, I noticed that the instructions were incorrect, incomplete and completely vague. After setting up the system and doing a back check of previous signals, I noticed that the signals generated were weeks in between each other and not multiple signals as shown in the statements advertised. I contacted the company and inquired into better trading instructions and the email reply was so poorly written that it still didn't make sense to me. I then put the system to a test for almost 2 weeks on the fastest and largest currency pair GBP/USD and I failed to see one single generated signal. I then did research on this company and found out that the trading statements shown were falsified and incorrect and were not live trades. I then realized that the signals used for trading account were not signals generated by the system but were multiple entries and exits not associated with individual signals at all.

I contacted the developer of the system and requested a full refund since the system failed to generate any signals. The reply back I received stated that the guarantee stipulates that the system be used for 5 weeks and the trading statements sent to them. I then informed the developer that there were no trading stipulations given at time of purchase and that the system only shows a 100% satisfaction guarantee for refund. One cannot change the rules pertaining to guarantees after purchase.

The developer is now refusing to refund which means that he has just entered an area he will eventually wished he didn't venture into. As a 23 year trader, he has crossed paths that will make his life more challenging. He received a well deserved Negative Review on Ebay, and he was discussed on ForexPeaceArmy's site. Due to Ebay's buyer protection program, I will get a refund since they violated the policy policy pertaining to refunds.

* Fact... Chart entries on statements are not from signals but are from multiple entries.
* Fact... The statements are from demo account
* Fact... Developer is not from Arizona... nor the United States
* Fact... System generates signals weeks apart on the recommended 4 hour charts as shown on the GBP/USD pair which are the most active pairs
* Fact... Trading instructions are incorrect, incomplete and confusing
* Fact... You don't get system within 24 hours of purchase
* Fact... Support is rated poor as proved on Facebook
* Fact... It can take days to get a reply regarding support issues
* Fact... Developer removes negative issues or complaints from his trading system on Facebook
* Fact... Developer will not honor his 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as promised
* Fact... Signals don't happen several times a day as stated and charts show that it can take 2 or more weeks to produce a signal
* Fact... Charts shown in examples are cherry picked.

If you want to fall for this clown's false advertising, I recommend that you do purchase through Ebay and use Paypal so you can get a refund.

Below is an example of the EUR/USD 1H trading chart in their advertisement. If you notice, the bottom window red dot is what you use in conjunction with the above arrows. You don't trade the arrows unless confirmed by the red dot. The red dot is shown once during more than a two week period which is proof that the trading statements shown in the advertisements do not agree and the system does not give multiple daily signals at all... just one within a period of more than 2 weeks.

Court is out on this one... system is a complete scam and the seller is a scum clown.

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Heads up: Friends told me that the developer does have a Gold Version that is available if you google and that their signals are better than the Platinum Version. You might want to check it out.


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Currency Trading is never constant, so why will a system give consistent calls when market change.
This question was solved by forex signals 30 Platinum 2016, regular constant updates as per the market condition and fantastic updates every update were better than the previous, the current latest one is the one of the best as the indicator second entry signal never repaints, wait for the arrow and take the trade as soon as the bar closes, what awesome system took 40 pip in USDCHF buy call yesterday.

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hey...Forexsignal30 is currently one of the best tools online. You can also adjust the settings to get more signals on higher time frame. No good trading instrument in the world will make you feel lazy behind your computer and all you can do is just wipe all the profit. You need to exercise yourself and try to understand how the system works to make better use of it. The platinum edition is still one of the best . All you need is proper understanding of the trading tool .
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