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The Holy Grail appears to have arrived.

There may be little to share other than the templates as the training appears to be via on-site videos.

Seems to be well respected.



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Great Review FX Trading Coaches????

Great Review FX Trading Coaches????

The MACD3 system is a trend following system where you find the time frame that is out of alignment and wait for a pullback before entering with the trend.

Steve does a great job explaining what has happened on the charts, he seams to be amazingly at one with what has happened, but NOT necessarily so with regards to what may be playing out on the charts.

If you get on their training you'll often see large numbers of pips pass them bye while they're sitting around waiting for trend realignments. And when that happens they'll often not even take a trade. If one could read the charts as well as Steve one would think that at least some of the big pip movements passing bye could be caught. Most all their setups do not setup till the European session, great if you live in Europe.

If you look at their trading record you'll see that most ALL the trades are small scalp trades, with the exception of a few that were lucky enough to get caught in the right direction of a news announcement. For a major trend trading system, if one could really read the charts as well as Steve, 200-300 pips should be common place.

When I say they I am referring to Steve and Wade, I do not know why Wade is even there. They are both supposed to be knowledgeable on their MACD3 system. I heard on one of their daily sessions Wade mentioning a small realignment on the one minute for one of their additional trades, they do not trade off the one minute chart, but what transpired in their conversation is what I am referring to, Steve corrected Wade in that the realignment was not a 1 minute but a five minute. Makes one wonder if Wade really knows what is going on.

To further that hunch Wade never does any teaching, he offers credit for the day if Steve cannot make it to teach. I do not really know what their true relationship is, maybe Steve feels indebted to Wade for something as Wade seams to be Steve's cheerleader and pep talker to get subscribers to keep paying for monthly memberships.

All in all I would say, give them a try just do not sign up for more than one month as you maybe disappointed in hearing an expert coach you but not take qualified trades, all the while seeing large numbers of pips fly out the window and their setups waiting for the night owls.

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