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Instruction to foreXer

Instruction to foreXer

Legendary scalper of foreXer families, given rise practically all existing in the market border type scalpers at last is inspired by new idea. The long-awaited adviser increases Depo in 600 times for half a year at the minimum risks of 5 % and the profit-factor 4 on testing "all tics" from 90 % quality! On real the profit-factor will be nearby 2, but all safety factor is big. To the buyer the elementary operational experience with mt4-advisers, knowledge of trade and risks are desirable. The best results in evening flat EUR/CHF from 20.00-8.00 on quotations DC and any DC with spread no more than 40 pp from 20.00-8.00. The idea of a trading corridor is improved. Now there are considered not only prospective borders, but also speed of change of the price. It is possible to choose a limit - or markets-orders. The Time Frame m15. Take-profit from 120 (it is possible till 600!) Stop-loss from 240. Also there is so-called "virtual take-profit" or market closing on a case of those brokers where the big stop levels do not allow to put small take-profits. Automatic calculating a lot size according to the chosen risk. A trade stop in a definite time before closing forex on Friday and renewal through certain time after opening forex on Monday for avoiding gaps after week-ends. Regulated Spread Level at excessing which the adviser does not trade. We communicate at a forum here The New price policy: the prices lower - advisers are more accessible!

At goods purchase U receive a file of the adviser with the closed code in a format ex4 with completely adjustable parametres, careful tests, sets and detailed instructions on use. Advisers completely corresponds to the declared properties in the description. At real trade it is necessary to remember a well-known principle that results in the past do not guarantee them in the future and to observe a reasonable risk level. For % of risk from the deposit the buyer is responsable. Owing to specificity of the electronic goods and the forex market advisers are not subject to return and an exchange. Profitableness is guaranteed only till the sale moment, after your purchase the paid means do not come back not under any circumstances, we do not bear responsibility in any form, we do not give absolutely any guarantees. Advisers are forbidden to extend and expose on sale. At detection of similar actions the guilty will incur the deserved punishment according to low and blocking their accounts.

Updatings are free, if this correction of bugs and errors. Modernisation and improvements, and also optimisation are estimated in addition.
We reserve the right to ourself to change conditions at any time at own discretion.

Download and establish мт4 from recommended by us DC. Clean all symbols except EUR/CHF (for economy of traffic). Copy a file of the adviser in a folder experts the catalogue where you established мт4. Load quotations from : open Tools-Options-Charts In Max bars in History and in Chart expose both 10 000 000 . Open Tools-History Center-Forex-EUR/CHF-1 minute-Download. It is not necessary to choose above m1- the terminal itself will distribute them on different timeframes. Open a tester. In the column Expert Adviser expose foreXer, in the column symbol EUR/CHF, model every tick, in the column the period m15 (15-minutes). Put a tick off in "to use date" and choose from 2009.01.01 till today.

Parametres (only for a principle explanation, for trade use a set):
OrdersType = 0; //0-market, 1-limit orders
SL = 360; (stop-loss)
TP = 120; (take-profit if U put limit orders it is minimum 130. In DC such stop levels)
Cls=80; (closing by the market at achieving so much pp of profit, it is used if DC does not resolve such small take-profits)
CloseBy=true; (the permission on Cls=80, false - an interdiction)
MM = true; (inclusion autocalculating of lot size according to the set risk level)
Risk = 5; (the risk level, it is recommended from 2 %. For this parametre the buyer is responsable.)
ManLot = 0.01; (lots at switching-off autocalculating of lot size)
OpenHour = 20; ( trade beginning at 20.00 by the terminal (22.00 Moscow time))
CloseHour = 8; (trade end at 8.00 by the terminal (10.00 Moscow time))
Slippage = 0; (possible admissible slippage)
Magic = 7895123; (the magic number allowing the adviser to operate only by its orders)
Smooth = 30;//Smoothing. The less figure, the more often transactions
SpeedUp = 3;//Speed of deviations of the top border of a prospective corridor. The less figure, the more often transactions
SpeedDown = 1.5;//Speed of a deviation of the bottom border of a prospective corridor. The less figure, the more often transactions
Shift = 0;//shift. 0 - on a zero bar, 1 - on the first. One input on a bar is made only
MaxSpread = 40 (at excess spread 40 pp it does not trade)
Friday = 65; (so much minutes prior to closing of forex on Friday it stops trade)
Monday = 5; (in so much minutes after opening of forex on Monday renews trade)
s0 = "=== TrailingProfit ===============================================================================";
TrailingProf_Use = true;// inclusion take-profit trailing. The same principle, as at standard trailing stop, but on the contrary - for take-profit
TrailingProfStart = 120;//the order loss at which starts to work take-profit trailing
TrailingProf = 150;//level of take-profit trailing (if put limit orders, 170)

Some days test on a demo, then put for real.
If the tester does not coincide with ours, it means, DC has changed trading conditions, look attentive what parametres in the test and what now for the adviser were.
Attention! To test behaviour on real rise on a real login and do all aforesaid. The history of each login in мт4 is written in a separate folder, and quotations of demo and real are differ.
We wish good luck!


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