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thank you for sharing.
Too bad the item is on our black list, upon the Author's request.
So we can talk about it, but can't share the item with other members.

Thanks again.


I know what would make this ea MUCH more profitable but I wish I could recode the EA. If you know anything about this ea from what I can tell it enters a trade when there is high volatiltiy and a big move. It then enters on the next start to a 15 min candle. Often but not always after the trade is entered the market retraces. Because the ea has such a tight sl, it often gets hit then the market travels in the trades initial direction. This is the flaw with the ea. It should wait until it senses a trade and then WAIT until the market falls back 15-20 pips, THEN enter. It may miss a couple trades this way but I know would be so much more profitable. Anyone interested or capable of coding this?


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