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came across this trawling the web, any ideas?

Please look at the webiste:

In july 13 trades and p/l - 100%.
This is demo account. I think this ea is similar to noloss robot or mtf hedge robot so it open trades there is not sl only tp:mad:


According to info direct from the vendor

"Actually the EA is not time-frame dependent and I will re-run backtest on the 1H chart. This is not a scalper, in no sense of the word. It only places pending orders, there are no live market order.
We are running the EA at a very high risk, high risk = high profit, low risk = low profit
We are not going to scam anyone or sell a product that is not ready, we are also not going to invest lots of money on our product until it has proven itself, if it does not how can we regain our investment? At the moment we only have backtests and a small forward test. We are not a mega big, hype marketing company we just want to be able to make something that generates profits. I know forex can be a risky business and maybe our EA may never make it out to market. If it doesn't nothing is lost, but much gained as all the feedback helps to make a better product, we can see what people are looking for and how to improve.
Finally the strategy has to remain a bit secret until it is released because there are many who could simply copy it."

We will see as it is not being released for 3 month???

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