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I think 95% of the traders try to discover the Holy Grail. And that's their mistake. They go from one system to another system and immediately they start thinking about modifications an adding and/or removing indicators. Before trying the system for a reasonable time, they assume the system needs improvements! and eventually they give up and jump on a new system and start all over again. Success comes with persistence and practice. You need to practice the system or the chart for a long time to a point that just by looking at the chart you can say what the chart is going to do next. This will be done without looking at the indicators or oscillators one by one. Know you chart. I give you example. You meet a new friend. In the beginning, you have to look at his face to make sure he is your friend. After months you may see him half a mile away and you know he is your friend and you do that without even seeing his face clearly. You do this because now you know him. A Pathologist in the beginning, would look at a tissue biopsy for several minutes examining the tissue, the individual cells, and pattern and shape of the organelles and finally decides if the issue is malignant or benign and after all that time and effort, he may diagnose it wrong. But same Pathologist after years of experience can look at the same tissue and make a correct diagnosis in a matter of minutes if not seconds and he can do that without even looking at the details. A trader should be like a Pathologist. Al Brooks is a future trader who was a very successful practicing OB/GYN Physician. More than 20 years ago he decided to trade full time for living and stay home to raise his 3 daughters. He sold his practice and started to trade his simple system. The first 10 years was difficult years but eventually he mastered his system and is very successful now. He trades alone in a closed room with no distraction on a laptop and his system is a simple black and white candlesticks chart with only 20 SMA on it and that is it!. It goes to prove that you don't need fancy and lots of bells and whistles to trade successfully. You need to know your charts and patterns and that comes with experience. The way we go through all these systems, is like we go to Bars for one night stand hoping to find our dream girl (Chart).
So so true, thanks Mywid


Looks Guy, enough talking about the semafore. That is not the point here. Let he explain further his system.


This system is very discretionary. Unless you have a good idea of how to trend trade with multiple time frames, stay away from this system. There are many other simple systems that are easy to understand and trade in this forum....T-Wolf
Hello bestfx-trader,

I saw this system that you posted and was wondering if you're still using it and is it still working good for you? It seems simple and I'm just looking for a simple intraday system to use that is mostly mechanical. Any suggestions?


bestfx-trader,can you share with us here your actually used system !? Sorry guys,but english is now my primary language.....
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