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Good afternoon community, I so often hear people say that an indicator repaints, but often times price is still moving which will make an indicator "extend" so it's safe to say that the indicator is actually doing it's job. Our job as professional traders is to build our own strategy that will give us confirmation that price has reached its point and a reversal in about to happen. I reference to the FSO Harmonic Scanner, it's a true 90% strategy, I know this from 1st hand experience, you will have a learning curve but if you follow the videos on Youtube from the developer and others (Uncle Lee) you will soon become successful. Everyones goal should be to learn what works for you in trading and not a "Holy Grail" because that will blow your account every time. So again this system is solid, BUT you have to learn how to read the indicators for yourself. Now for those who say it's a bad system, just load it on a demo account and take the trades it gives you according to the setup rules the developer gives you, and you will not sing that song again. This is just my review of this trading system, but don't take my word for it.


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Can you send me a screenshot of the parameters on the indicator, so I can set mine the same way
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Vitalfx I loaded it up today and it works but when I tried to add additional currencies and gold I saw text displayed after adding. Am I doing something wrong guys? . I saw a similar indicator from indicatorvault posted here on this forum but it was getting delayed signals.
I tried with your broker.. it works just fine. Thanks man
Does it work specifically with some brokers only? I don't see it working with mines. I get a similar picture as you posted with additional currencies. I see patterns only with four original currencies set in the indicator already ?
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