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WwI Memebr
mjjam;n2349118 said:
most 1:1 usually i go for 1.5
1 vs 1.5 difference is a lot when applied to many trades.

1 needs at least 51% winrate to be profitable
1.5 needs at least 41% winrate to be profitable


WwI Memebr
Hey, I notice that This guy has disabled his signals service. I wonder why...
So what happens to all of the people whom has subscripted to his monthly service? I wonder if he gave them a refund???
the signal had a DD of more than 50% but was able to recover it.
Then he closed the signal because he said he will make a new one because of the high DD.

I was refunded 30$ because he disabled it. Seems fair

Now he opened a new signal
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