Gannzilla Pro

I took a look at the link that you provided, perhaps it will help some members, Not being fluent in Russian, I was not able to see where the forum you provided could be viewed in english or any other language. So I have know idea if the download is also going to be in russian, as we have seen some provided in the past. So, thank you for the effort, however, this forum is specifically designed for english, because it automatically converts to other language based on what you enter in english and each members setting. So, I do not know how much participation you will receive on this thread. Good Luck.


Hello, Peachy.

What about this?
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The latest release is pro 6.4!
Unfortunately, it is not as good as the pro 6.3 version, as there is configuration problem on the [numbers] projected in Gann of 9 box!
Anyhow, it should the best [FREE] tool to start learning in financial astrology.

How to use it? you have to know a lot in Gann's theory! this technical tool could only simplify the calculation and checking table work load, you got to know what Gann said about price and time co-relation!

The programmer is a Russian, named ARTEM KALASHNIKOV! He got a forum before but was closed a month ago! Still you can download this program through the official link: !

As I know he is planning to commercialize this program for years, with the program getting less and less bugs, adding real price data and adding login function! It is closer and closer to become chargeable!