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Here is the link of some better EA'S i think
if you can find some of tham please share

I am not sure that these EAs are good.
Here is Stomper.
OREX Scalping Expert -Scalper

Forex scalping has more demand lately and its absolutely legal in the forex market. Forex scalping can be done manually or by using a forex scalping expert advisors.Scalpers use all sorts of platforms for forex scalping strategies currencies, but probably one of the most common is MetaTrader 4.
Expert Advisor " Stomper" Technical Characteristic:
	metatrader experts discount

    * Currency: EURCHF, EURGBP
    * Timeframe: M15
    * Using Indicators: NO
    * Trading Time: 19:00-6:00 GMT
    * Risk: Medium
    * Minimum Deposit: $1000 ($200 for micro forex)
    * Recommended Deposit: $2000 ($300 for micro forex)
    * Concept: Forex Scalping Expert Advisor based on high/low channel
    * Money Management: Stop Loss and Take Profit, closing at the time
    * Customization: possible upon the request
This is the strategy used in their backtesting on med. risk.

Strategy Tester Report
AlpariUS-Demo (Build 218)

Symbol EURGBP (Euro vs Great Britain Pound )
Period 15 Minutes (M15) 2004.06.17 10:00 - 2008.10.17 22:45
Model Every tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
Parameters OrderOptions="-------- Orders options --------"; Lots=0; LotsPercent=20; UseAutosettings=true; TakeProfit=5; TryTakeProfit=false; StopLoss=30; CheckFreezLevel=true; MinProfitValue=2; TradeOptions="-------- Trade options --------"; ChannelBars=18; SellCorrection=0; BuyCorrection=0; CheckTimeBar=false; EqualBars=true; TimeOptions="-------- Time options --------"; EachDayHourSettings=true; TradeTimeChoise=1; TradeDayOfWeek=0; OpenHour1=0; CloseHour1=1; OpenHour2=22; CloseHour2=24;


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All old robots for EUR-CHF and EUR-GBP are loosing today, Market there is 100% diferent than past.

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