Grab Candles Alert needed


Here is a version of grab candles that allows you to change the ema period. In the traditional system you are limited to a 34 ema.

I need an alert on grab candles at the close of the bar when a change is detected (maybe we need to combine grab candles into 1 indi which would be fantastic as well).

I am currently testing this with expertlive s/r lines ,korharmonics, and supdem.

Once a pattern is established in korharmonics then wait for change of grab candles in the direction you wish to go.

Using supdem and expertlive lines - use the same as you would regular s/r lines waiting for change of color to enter in the direction you would like to go. For example if you are in support of supdem, then wait for grab to turn green and go long using the base of supdem as your stoploss. Im sure you could use it for breakouts as well but i prefer to play bounces.


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