(Share) Grid Correlation Expert Advisor (97% in 12 days)

Hi guys,

Don't do grid. It won't work because it has an underlying dilemma.

The premise assumption is that the market will swing back and forth in a given range.

Given one strong direction and the grid is gone case.

Assuming you have unlimited money, and won't get margin call, it may work.

Alternatively, you can do some martingale very very slowly and it might work. Eg. Factor increase of 0.01

However, if you do that, the market may not come or retrace enough for you to recover your losses. So most people are forced to use a larger grid size or larger martingale factor, which invariably blows the account.

See the dilemma here? Damn if you do, damn if you don't.

Don't waste time.

Mr. He
Hi, is anyone share the edu version of "Dragon Expert",?
i tried use it on real account, but it informed me "the pin code 0 is not for real account" I think it only use for the demo account.