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"Hello!!" Energetic, it certainly Did..But Not Again..!! I Lost Most of my Account This Early Am..(Did Yours all think I would Lie?) It was Because of Blessings EA& PZ Trading Grid Lite EA's..when Grid lite goes out of Range the EA, jumps off the Chart..leaving the Trader to manage it His self.. I was trading >.1lots, 50 pips, 5 Trades..Gbp/Usd, did not range, but was in a Trend(Enough said..) Gbp/Jpy went Down, and was Near Out..Blessings was the One that Got me the Most..I had 4 Pair out of 8(4 Closed..Shutdown with profit..) The Trend Changed on those 4 pairs= High Drawdown..!! I ONLY TRADE WIN2PIPS IV Now v3.91 DELETED all else..I was in a Hurry and Turned up the Lot size Too Fast for the Win2Pips..I am trading it today..Got Out with 1337.00, and has made 86.00 since 6am today..All_.01lots..2500 Margin, Cool as a Fan, this EA removes "Old Trades" as If it was a Martingale setting..Demo It Yourself when Price Action Allows..BP-2000 Should Perfect a Non Martingale Version..A=It takes Its Time..(Working Its way up the Lot Trading Sizes, It was a Calculated Risk on my Part, So What..that market Gives and Takes Away..I will have Those monies back SOON!) Just Demo It with No Martingale, and If yours wants to Earn Even more profit, try 14 Pips Wide, and 25 take profit..It is about 1.6 More Trades via Each Side=6 trades more for me, as I trade (10) pair..I trade GBPUSD,GBPJPY,EURUSD,EURJPY,USDJPY| One EA_ GBPCHF,GBPAUD,GBPNZD,GBPNZD, AUDJPY_2nd EA..Just try it..!! In all this I was Not Upset at all, Because Lying on my Shelter Mat, I "realized" this EA can make at >.1 Lots Over 1000.00 per Day..Do Not Damn me with Comments from "One" the Jealous Homeless Crew !! It Will remove Old trades with price action..I Opened another Account at fx-Choice.com Only because it was Not Biased against USA Clients, and that it was Advertised in Forex Peace Army.com "The Scam Hunters" I WILL NEVER GIVE UP! This EA makes All other's Obsolete..It is the Only One that I Trade..Need a License for next year.. Found my Most Clannish Souls, its All Over Now..( I Did BP-2000 by telling the Truth..This EA can be traded STRAIGHT, No Martin) "I NEED MY LICENSE FOR NEXT YEAR!!" Collective Chant BP-2000. Love You!!
Thanks for your sharing?
are you still using PZ Trading Grid Lite EA?


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Hi!! jackfx.It is WiN2PIPS IV_3.91 on this Site. Elder B.P-2000 Created It. Man Get this EA! I have it Live..It made Good today so far 3:45pm Seattle Time _77.00! 1.3 Martingale 25Pips Wide, 25 Pips Take Profit
Level 8, Start With GBPJPY. Install the Ice fx News Filter..is at the End of this Thread WIN2PIPS..ss30 Told Ours All..It Works Perfectly! Yours could Start with about 1200.00 One Pair..I started at 1343.00 and now i have almost 1600.00 "Cool Dollars" can use fx Blue Trade Copier Later..and Copy GBPJPY into Your Account, if Yours Does that use _1.2 Martingale Please..Be Mindfull the GBPJPY, is only moving about 115Pips right now, It can move 200Pips per day sometimes, if So..Widen Pips Wide&Take Profit..When Monies Build..turn the EA's trades to like 18Wide&Take Profit_25. and SLOWLY Turn Up Martingale. I wrote BP-2000 a many a Nite, because I was "Stupid" Until I got it..Vps this EA is a Must..Be Aware of Price Action, and All is "well" Love You! If Starting Out..Do Not be in too Much of a Hurry..Min_1200.00 at 500-to-1 for One Pair..2500.00 for Two Pair. I am AFRAID to Trade Default settings TEN PIPS is CLOSE at 1.6 Martingale=Account Crashes!! All my Love, jimmy:) I found a Place to register for Bakarat-Done! Now I have to Learn It, Won't Play online for about Two Months..LOVE! "well" It was an Evil "Him" I turned down my EA's to 1.3 Martingale Setting, as for my Earnings 82.00 Today, with about 60.00 Draw Down right now..as the Ice-Fx News Filter Worked Perfectly !! If "poor" like i am, do not go past 1.3 Martingale setting. 6:25pm Seattle,WA. Time.
I will Leave those Cards Alone..Until I am a Very Good Player..Months and Months from Now."Never Change Horses in the Middle of the Race" Aesops/Lugman's Fables
you amazing dude haha . cool


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There is an edu version that shared on another site, but the result is very different. The dragon EA result is better.
I already try the edu version and the result is not good. The original Dragon Expert give me nice result