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Please, i need some help to have an harmonic pattern indicator on my charts. I tried many downloads, it function on EA but not as indicator. I do not know how to make a complicated installation on mt4. I got fxpro as mt4 trading station. I tried to follow a pdf indicated, but seen my knowledge in programming is limied, i was lost between files.

Could any expert give me a precious help, please?



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The korharmonics indys should go into your experts/indicators folder. If you use a template, the .tpl file should go into your mt4 root folder templates folder. Then shut down the platform and restart. It should appear in your Custom Indicators list, then drag it onto a chart or attach the template instead by right-clicking on the chart, choose Template/Load Template.


you can share a pattern indicator ZUP, kor .. the latest versions.
Please only indicators that cover all functional and graphic patterns
I do not understand the differences between example ZUP ZUP 93 and 102 ... are not the same thing in terms of graphic recognition?

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