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Help The Best Channel Line Indicator


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To MJ and all the moderators of this forum .. i'm really sorry if i made a new posting down here ..

Here because i'd like to ask you ..does anyone had the best channel line indicator .. which is simple and not making my chart too crowded .. Please do share it with me .. As a girl, i dont have the skill required to create an indicator ..

And i also have tried to draw the lines by myself .. But it didnt work so well .. So please help me .. Thanks for all the reply .. :)


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not sure if this is the best, but people usually use the SHI indicator:


  • SHI_Channel_true_TRO_MODIFIED_VERSION.ex4
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Here is if you want to combine for multitimefrime, i compilled from originall indicator AutoTrendChannel, how can you atach on one chart
The main indicator AutoTrendChannel is for 24 hours
Channel48 for 2 days, Channel 72 3 days and etc. etc.....

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Thanks guys .. the SHI and Tino had was so helpfull ..
Maybe someday i could create my own channel indicator .. lol ..

But thanks a lot .. ^^

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