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(Req) High Return EA /STRATEGY

if someone have this Grid EA plz share it with me

Owner is selling it for 5k usd

and someone told me it is awesome , 500% profit per month is nothing for it ?

plz plz share it if someone have it


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Are you really sure to use a "Grid EA" ?

Here is how it works:



it is manually traded with no stoploss what so ever.
okay i just read that he say it is EA,


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Don't buy it. That account is manual trading account. I already checked their trading order history. EA trade is just little order only and
90% of trades are used by manual trading. Don't waste your money on such scammer. Becareful

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We have developed this EA and use it for our own trading. It's really good if one is sensible to use conservative settings. Works like a mop. Sweeping both sides till it rakes in the profits and closes out all positions. We have an added advantage running these on our swap free accounts. So, the profit takes are even faster even thought at times they may take a couple of days....swaps don't bite into profits and prolong the trade exits. The EA is a stealth EA and hence, shows no SLs nor TPs in the working pane nor does it show any pending orders. Good to keep Mr Broker uninformed.

We have our calculator and after close analysis of the characteristics of the intended currency pair for trade, we input parameters into the calculator and work out the preferred settings for the EA. Then we input these into our EA and run this on aggressive back tests with years of 1m data. Our tests are run from 2015 to late 2018 or sometimes from beginning 2016 to late 2018. These cover the SNB stunt, some major Elections, Brexit and a couple of fat finger incidences. With these, we are able to verify the robustness of our settings before implementing Live.

We intend to place our EAs for subscription. (both the Trend trader and the Retracement trader.....stealth EAs). Just that it would take some amount of instructions to be written out and to also provide the calculator so that anyone could work out their preferred settings based on their risk appetite. This would be our next step, as we just launched one specific power packed EA. The SD Pro v3.10-L. It's a Stealth Breakout Trader and all traders could use this for their own trading strategies for better profitability. Trials are provided with full User instructions and Instructional videos. We use this ourselves and sometimes when we have relaxing time, we scalp with ti and make a couple of hundreds within 30 mins or so during active market hours, by risking just 1% of our Equity off a 10K 1:500 leveraged account. It's really fun to trade with this. Just requires some scalping experience for the hit and run clicks.

Well, you could check it out and also join in as a member to be updated once we release our Trend and Retracement Math trading EAs.
They are very very similar to what is being discussed in this thread but has even more features packed plus safety protections from price gaps too. The EAs are coded to hold memory of trading positions such that in the event of a VPS shutdown and restart, it would follow through with the opened positions.
You could trade without martingale or any martingale could be a very light martingale. We use this ourselves and recommend that martingale systems be kept light. Else trade without martingale multipliers or added lots. Then this would look like 'grid based' trading.

You could compound the trading too as profits increase, taking on bigger initial entries.
However, we prefer adding more currency pairs to the account instead of compounding any pair.

Attached are our conservative settings being run on a live account. We just started this in Jan 2019, as we had been immensely busy for months in working the back end engineering of the Licensing module and User instructions plus videos etc to put out our SD Pro EA.

You could visit us at
Our site is simple with no "chick" look. We are technical math traders and do not outsource any web development work. All done in house and with us not being flowery marketing sort of people, we just put out info for real traders. More and more content will be added to the site as we move ahead.

Check out our Broker recommendations if you'd like to get swap free trading accounts too.

Good luck with your trading


but which i told , is running , and it was 1000% and all people were saying , it is bulshit , it is bad , it is scammer , but look he had made now 2000 %
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