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Who owns this system, please share ~:)

Member 1010. Please take time to read the rules for posting and starting threads within the forum. You were instructed not to provide ANY links to websites that have www or http. they would be deleted. You should also work to help the members that you are asking to assist you. You provided little support. You have been a member since 2010. Buy now you should be able to crop and post pictures directly using the upload links. I know you may have seen the links done in the past. WWI has made a decision to be the best forum around. We have rules and are now asking ALL members to please assist. If you need help. PLease Pm me and I will show you how to place a proper req or upload. But you can find out all this information in the Sticky notes



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Did you get the indicators?

Post Deleted not in English

Hello Vladimir999. This forum is designed on English word postings, Since translations or posting could potentially be offense, with having to translate, All posting should be in english. Welcome to our forum, Please review the sticky post in the forum's thread on posting to a thread. This should assist you in your time here in the WWI.


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