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How can I stay logged in longer or for good?


My day seams to go like this.... read a post, log back in, read a post, log back in, do a search, log back in etc... lol

I looked and looked and looked I cannot find how to change how long I stay logged in for. I cant take the having to log back in any more It's driving me nuts! haha please help or tell me how to change that setting

yes I have cookies enabled

Thanks :)


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i have this problem as well. :)
It seems that if we enter the site via the home page ( ), it doesn't remember the fact that we're logged in.

The workaround is to bookmark any other page!
For example, bookmark this page:

Just click that bookmark every time you want to enter the site...and does remember you (so you never have to re-login everytime)!


So easy to overcome this. What i do is.. for one single time you login.. and after that you will be lead to this link,

Then book mark this page..

Bingo.. that's it..

PS: Infact, i manage nearly all sites like this.. and i never had this kind of login problem..:)
Nice one! I was having the same thing and it was driving me up the wall. I type slow, so I'd always click "submit" and then get the "You don't have permissions to do this action, please refresh your browser" message.

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