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How to Choose the Best Forex Robot


an automated trading situation can accommodate more trades per market than any human can cope with. Additionally, with autotrading, trades are placed in real time and a trader can replicate these actions across several timeframes and on more than one market. What’s more, robots are not subject to the emotional ups and downs of human traders.

On the other hand, even the best Forex robot can be subject to scams and frauds. Traders do not always understand how the system works and this leaves them vulnerable to all sorts of broker rip-offs. It can lead not only to traders placing inappropriate trades but can result also in shrewd brokers closing up shop and absconding with clients’ funds. In addition, robots are not easy to set up and choices for customized trading strategies can be complicated for novice traders. If not fully understood, trading activity can go unmonitored and consequently lead to losses.
one to one coaching