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(Help) how to find "time" turning point only by methematic

soul star

hello member

please any technique to forecasting time of turning point

w d gann forecasting advance annual chart

what technique behind this calculation without astrology

and any other technique based on mathematics please share

in short time cycle finding


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Check Wilder`s Delta Phenomenom book and the Delta Graphics software:



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Hi Soul star, I am not going to give You THE TIME CYCLES as its already given by Mr Gann in his book TTTA. You have to read and understand the book. you have to find the cycles from The BOOK. What you are looking for mathematical/numerical time cycles (everybody want that)..but My Friend that numerical cycles comes out with the astronomical cycles first. That BOOK was written in a manner that first u have to come across with the astro factor and then shift to the numerical factor.
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