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Hyip world


oh my god,
recently i happen to look at hyip programmes.its the seperate world.its like underworld.people are like greedyanimals there.


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NO.some genuine systems are thete in hyip programmes but unfortunately they are misunderstood because of some vampire hyip people programmes

Which hyip programs work? I do not know any!? Most of the provider become bankrupcy within 6 months! :confused:


Which hyip programs work? I do not know any!? Most of the provider become bankrupcy within 6 months!
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Yeah but some of them are in the game for 2 years or more. The best thing is to invest into a new HYIP when the growth is biggest. I'm currently testing and they give you 2.8% daily. I've already withdrawn something and it's working :)
HYIP is criminal and unethical thing.
Because a HYIP does not earn money, it only distributes the new inflow from new victims.
The only purpose of a HYIP is to steal money from people.

A HYIP can only exist because of these reasons:

1. Criminals who start it. They intend to pay first in order to attract new victims.
When the criminals decide that they should disappear, they stop paying and disappear with the money.

2. Unethical people who know that it is a ponzi.
They know exactly that the criminals started the ponzi to steal money, but
they have experience how to come out of the fraud with a profit.
Their strategy: "Invest" in an early stage of the HYIP.
Seduce naive people to join the HYIP by spreading the "good message" and your
Affiliate link.
The fraud needs new victims and the initiators and the HYIP-vampirs do all they can
to attract new victims. Exactly like you.
"Milk" the HYIP. Develop a feeling when it is time to withdraw most of your profits
because you know the day will come when the criminals leave the building.

3. Naive and desperate people who believe you and the criminals and truly hope that
the HYIP is earning money .
These desperate and greedy victims feed criminals and HYIP-gamblers and they loose part or all of their

To sum it up:

If you belong into category 1 or 2, you are a criminal, a thief and you belong behind bars.

If you belong into category 3, don?t touch another HYIP again in your life. Even if you make a profit
by being smart like category 2 criminals, you participate in theft.


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investment programe

investment programe

investment in hyip is very risky because mostly hyip are close after some month or year they take all of our money

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