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I have to start all over


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Erm... he went broke many times... and had $5 million in the bank when he died....
No, his wife and kids had $5 million (the money he set aside for them that he was not to trade... to protect them from him) -- that is the point.


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Yes, he put on the ultimate stop loss.

I'm pretty sure $5million in family assets is not actually broke.


Forex is risky and every broker has a risk warining, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.
Personally haven't and will never use a martingale or grid robot in live because they multiply lots and wait the reverse trend for go in profit, and in a big trend the risk in money is high. I have lose some money but I have never blow up my account.

Now I'm using this system in live:
The results are in balance (no good, no bed)

There are a lot of systems in this site.

I'm also testing new systems and Expert Advisors in my live account, but never martingale or grid.
one to one coaching