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the indicator IMPULS on which the Pulsator-EA is based on is now available for free at the web site
It has the advantage to show you trend changes early enough by a silver color and predicts long up and down trends with high accurancy. The indicator provides you with open-buy and sell signals as well as with suggestions for closing your orders. The signal's confidance is shown by color and size of the signals.
Costs none. Enjoy.



Red arrows pointing downwards indicate a down phase,
blue arrows pointing upwards indicate an up phase.
Ideal time points for closing your sell- or buy-order are denoted as
CB (Close Buy) and CS (Close Sell).
Larger symbols indicate greater signal confidence.

Therefore the trade for that period has or should be closed and you should be looking for another signal in the opposite direction.
Hi Guys,

I'm attaching the MQ4 version of ST_IMPULS which I convert directly from the EX4. The popup alert does not state which currency pair so I need the help of programmers to insert coding to display the currency pair.

At the same time, I recommend other traders to test this one and gain some insights into the coding to understand how the indicator recommends the direction of the trend. I don't think there's anything wrong with the chart saying CB all the time. Some other charts also say CS all the time, and a few has CB and CS based on history as the trend turns. It only works in TF15 but somehow it calculates from much larger timeframes. It's definitely worth testing.


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I got another idea:

1) If you spot 2 or 3 consecutive CB, it's possibly time to go short on the reversal.

2) If you spot 2 or 3 consecutive CS, it's possibly time to go long on the reversal.

Of course, use your best judgment by complimenting with a trendline.

I think the better job of what ST_IMPULS does is telling you when NOT to trade. According to the official site, the indicator takes into account month-long trends, that's why we see CB or CS for long periods w/o change.

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