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Indicateurs BELKHAYATE

The indicators did not work.
Just replace them by those which I attached and it is ok. :)

Edit: The timing-indicator crashed the mt4, I repaired it and re-uploaded. Now it works.

Something is wrong with the Timing-indicator. It is eating cpu and I removed it
in order to manage the mt4-platform.
In this condition the belkhayate system is useless.

Hermes, since nobody else has problems with downloads, it is definitely something in your PC.
A virus or something else, I have no idea.
I have problems with the FIGFX-website in Firefox. It does not show the login-fields.
I contacted support and they didn?t know how to fix it. It only works in IE (IE = Internet Explorer) and in Opera. Nobody knows why, because nobody else has these problems. Other clients
with Firefox get the full web-site with everything - I tried to change screen-settings and everything. No chance. It is frustrating.

Here is a download-link for you:


Not for me. I cannot download it. The same music - funeral music always.


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Here is a copy of the BELKHAYATE TIMING indicator that I use. For "Num Bars" I usually input 1/2 the time frame cycle period. For example, recently for EURJPY, my 4hr chart cycle period was 20, so used 10 for the Numbar Value. I hope it helps.

The entry for a long trade:
A red bearish candle breaks the level -8 and the next green bullish candle is above -8 (reversal)

The entry for a short trade:
A green bullish candle breaks the level +8 and the next red bearish candle is below +8 (reversal)




The timing indi has no value for trading Belk. You can repaint the whole house with it. Instead use only Center of Gravity. Ottmar gives signals from the C of G only. And try to work with 4 H TF only.
Cheers Hermes
I agree that the timing indicator isn?t the best to use with CoG based strats but i strongly disagree in the approach of trading the CoG by its own , if you do so at least use Heikin Ashi for indicating trendreversals, trendcorrections and so on.
Because if you just take any trade on the 4h were a candlestick hits the overbrought, oversould zone , you have no chance of setting a sane TA based S/L other then which is given by your moneymanagement and you will also find yourself caught in massive drawdowns quit often .
Also dont just rely blindly on COG direction(which can change quit fast) at given time but draw a trendline on 1D and 4h as trend directon indicator but also as major S/R
Personaly i use OsMa12/13/20 , HeikinAshi, Trendlines and the COG with 180bars back for currency pairs and slightly different approach with a Dinapoli stoch 15/5/3 for indices and Futures . I also donttake any trade were risk reward is less then 1/1,5

Ohh and dont use OANs "infinite" moneymangement(many CoG user do) it will definetly burn your account in the long run. I guess this martingale system is also the reson why he turned from a realy helpful guy who brought the Belk Strat to the public first, to a scammer.

Ok to make this post a bid more ontopic as far as i know the bekl timer is nothing else then the valuecharts indicator , so here ae some ressources about the theory of valuecharts, i alos attached some different/newer versions of this indicator




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Hi Hermes

Hi Hermes

Hi Hermes,

I came across your name and info at the tonyb123
thread and am really interested in trading the trendlord indicator (along with the other td2/3) on a
daily timeframe. I work full time so I can only check the markets realistically once a day. I've got some ideas on entries (& a vague one on exits) but would apppreciate any feedback if you have the time. I actually want to trade long term in my retirement account.

My email is if you would be kind enough to contact me.

many thanks,

Peter Morris
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