(Req) Indicatorvault Divergence


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"lahsan", i appreciate you sharing, but do not post such indicators which are near ro expiry, it is just a waste of time....


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this indicator is working fine in my mt4 platform, may be your mt4 history data is old, that is why arrows are not appearing "santu2318". try to change your broker mt4, then try.


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santu2318;n2338587 said:
Indicator is good but arrow not appear. And one more thing when apply indicator it slow, lag or hang mt4 platform. Why it happens.
santu you have problems with your computer. You complained about similar problem in another thread too.
santu2318 --- I read some of your other posts in a different thread and wanted to tell you that about 3 or 4 years ago I had similar problems with my MT4 platform and finally figured out that it was a .DLL file in the Libraries folder that was affecting my platform. Some .DLL files can be potentially dangerous to your computer. Remove .DLL files from Libraries folder and restart MT4 just see what happens , maybe that will fix your problem. And also if you have any indicators that immediately send you to the sellers web-page when you delete them from your charts , they have been known to negatively affect platforms , try removing them also and restart MT4 , maybe that will help.
If you knew this already , don't mean to offend , just trying to help.
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