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I suggest

- Newsfilter
- Trade 24h true
- Lotsize 0.1 for every 1000USD
- Envelopes filter true
- ATRprofitmode true
- ATRstep true
- ATRpips to step true
- TradeNFP false
- TradeADP false
- Sessionfilter 1 and 2 true
- GBP USD only
- MA filter true (if you want it to be no drawdown at all)


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This EA is doing great on live account, although it doesn;t trade all the time, it is reliable and strike rate almost 100%!!

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Can someone tell me how often this V1.5 EA trades during a 24 hr period on average with standard set file & then with added filters on for less DD?


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I use indo run 1.5 a real account and the demo.
The demo results are very good, but the real losing money.
The broker is FXDD
The settings are identical.
Does anyone have any idea Where is the problem.


I use indo run 1.5 a real account and the demo.
The demo results are very good, but the real losing money.
The broker is FXDD
The settings are identical.
Does anyone have any idea Where is the problem.
I have the same problem with Alpari.
Why demo and live account are different ?
Using Trade Copier from demo account to live account can solve this problem???


My friends please do some more reading before starting a live account.

There are many differences between a live and demo account.

With a live account there is always some delay between you pressing the button to buy/sell and the order being processed. In that time the price may have changed. The same will be true when you want to close your order. This is called slippage.
When using a demo account the order does not have to be checked and does not have to go to the real market so there is less delay.

Sometimes spreads vary between live and demo accounts.

The price feed itself may also be different.

If you need more info just do some googling


Hello ! i use this EA on think forex live 200:1 acount. is fantastik. if you want use on another pair. change pair false to true


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hi there been trying this for two days on two demo platforms, lots of pending orders that get cancelled, on both platforms,but not one trade, im using gbpusd 15 minute, any thoughts


any others pair recommended

any others pair recommended

I really like this model and its approach

Has anybody been able to create a profitable model using a different pair other that GU :confused:

If so will you please share preset file :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance :)
Hello Everyone,

It's been a while since I posted, my health has still been delicate so Its kept me away from being online as much as I use to be. I do have some insight on Indo Run and it's performance.

Several month's ago I had almost wiped out all my accounts using a wide range of EA's and strategies, but before I did I removed some of my EA's and made indo run 1.4 my main EA. I have completely recovered all my previous losses and I am in profit on all my accounts. The amazing thing is I have gone as much as three weeks without even looking at my pc and every time I look my bal is just higher.

What I found was that I needed to use a cent account with 500:1 leverage and use very low risk settings and it overcame every dd episode that it encountered. I have two different settings that i use on my accounts and both work great. From the begging of the yr to now I have been getting between 15% and 100% a month on all my accounts. I am attaching a link to myfxbook so you can see for yourself. Pay no mind to all the activity before February since that is when I changed my strategy.

Here is my link.

I have to say that because I am not working due to my health, I would like to ask that if you choose to open a cent account I have become an Introducing Broker for the Broker I use and I would appreciate your support so I may survive this financial crisis I am going through. If you would like to assist me by opening an account through my Link please PM me and I will send you the link.

Meanwhile I have to say that version 1.4 to me has performed better than 1.5 and I have seen just about every market condition this year and it has not blown my account after I removed the bad EA's and made the indo run my main EA.

Hope this helps get some of you guys motivated, since I am making money with this EA and i only see my pc every two weeks or so anyone can make money with this EA.

Best regards to all my friends here in this forum and to all of you that I don't know as well.

God Bless


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Indio Drawdown/positions

Indio Drawdown/positions

What are people mostly experiencing with regard to drawdown/open positions with this EA. I have been running on a demo and have seen as many as 6 open positions max so far. I do like what I am seeing on the demo. Thanks.

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