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Interactive MQL course


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We're creating English version of our MQL course. The material is finished but publicity available version is still in its draft form.
If you're interested in learning MQL I would really appreciate your opinion about this course/idea.

Here is the link to the English version:
(it's still under construction)
And the Polish one:
(this one is finished)

Short description:
The course covers all concepts from very basic to intermediate that are necessary to make your own EA.
It contains over 140 lessons including practical exercises that can be performed directly in your Browser (you don't have to open MQL editor, switch between windows etc.).

You can access some lessons without registration.
Next part is available to registered users for free.
The most advanced lessons require premium membership which is about $10 per month (if you're serious about learning MQL you can finish this premium part in about week).

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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