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(Share) Introducing: The ACB Forex Trading System


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Are You Looking for a Forex Trading System or Strategy that Will Allow you to Make Consistent Profit in Forex Market?
We Present a Forex Trading System Designed for Professional Forex Traders

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Dear "dmink", I really appreciate your sharings, you share very effective and unique systems and indicators,,,, very very thanks


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I was very happy with this system, but now it's not working anymore.
When you put the indicators on the chart nothing happened.
Do experience the same?


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can someone help, system is not working.
What message do you see that is not working?
can someone help, system is not working.
Oh i see the problem now.
All indicators are compatible with MT4 1090 . They do not load in 1160/1170 .
I use for tests 1090 and for live 1170 thats why i noticed the problem.
In case u need 1090 download it , but before u open it, u need to disable autoupdates :
This is how it loads in my 1090 version.
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