it is very simple!


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Indicator is added!
Setups indicator - CandleTF - 1440... TerminalTF M5...:)
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The best system!


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What are the instructions? Are you saying when we get a new trend bar on the 5 min chart to buy or sell and stay in until we receive an opposite color bar? Price really fluxuates a lot.


nothing new with this indi...based on zigzag and a clone of gp lauer alerts already shared here by mj

please explain how you are utilizing this


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Yes on live trading is repaint, on backtesting is reading the future data and gives 100% right signals. Like Jdsim says this is ranamed DTZig-Zag lauer or GPlauer indy.


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Unfortunately all MTF indicators will read closed candle data on BT. We all know that zigzag can be tricky, and using upper TF's is no exception.


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Try this filter! :cool: TF H4 better!
I do not know who it created GP, but buysell it made the experienced trader of "Klot"...

PS. Indicators that do not draw - late

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