JadeFX the end!


For the 5e time i,am be cheated by a forex broker and lost my money.
Thinking for the last 2 years that i had find maybe the best broker there was.
I made good reviews about them, simply because they were good ,never had a problem.
Now the CTFC what is an criminal orginasation from the USA closed down everything.
The innocent trader is again victim.
This morning i heard that the next brokers also going to shutdown, FIG Solutions ,FXOpen,FXPRICE,Prime Forex,Wall Street Brokers,GIGFX,Nordfx, FIG Solutions and a few more.

Traders who have put their hard earn money with these brokers can say goodbye tho their money.
I,am considering to stop with trading forex, there are to many criminals around there.
Story,s i can tell you, you never would believe how people lost their money.

Be carefull guys and good luck.


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Peldoman, are you saying that JadeFX never gave your money back? I thought they were at least decent people over there...




They shut down MT4 and their website.
CFTC is doing investigation, and/or they are bankrupt, or ????
Whe don,t know what going on, i read that Donna Forex is trying to help the traders by getting some information .
JadeFX was my broker for the last 2 years, nevr had any complain about them, very nice to trade with them.
I always give them a nice review , and traders who where looking for a honest broker i make always rcommondation for them.
So you will know how i feel .
Not the first time i,am cheating by a broker, the money i lost with them you can buy a simple new car.
I have annother broker but i don,t trust no-one more.
So with what broker i can fund an account with $15000.00 without being scared they can walk away with it?


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So sorry for that , it happend to me also many time , but from 7 years I use MIG Bank and FXclearing and from 7 years every thing going well with them .
and Worldwide-invest is also IB for Fxclearing .

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