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just have been scamed again...

i post it here becasue when they manipulate every good ea will loose

this time it was gallant fx

edit: gallant corrected account

so called STP broker corrected 2000$ profits from me saysing it was error trading the gps robot

and last time it was

they hired me as IB and terminated my contract without any reason

i called it the 2 most greedy persons i personally had contact with in the trading industry

total harm for me :$15.000US
2 year sidejob work

i think everybody should know these persons and espacially their references for own investment decisions

if you want meet me in person i will be in london next weekend and boston united states in june ,,, let me know any inside information i should know through pm

thanks a lot :|


Hey cooltrader - make sure you add your review at the FPA, a lot of people use that site - will stop others being scammed. Finding an OK broker is one of the hardest arts of trading. I say OK because a good one is impossible!


I already knew that FxPro were not to be trusted after they banned EA's a few months ago at certain times of the day. I closed my account with them straight away and started warning others about this suspicious behavior.


pls somebody explain why would brokers prohibit any ea
i guess you don't get their money if your acc. grows
they money comes from spread
am i wrong?


They only get money from spread if they feed all the orders they receive on to a bank or some other liquidity provider.

If they don't do that, your order never reaches the market and they simply match their own internal orders so that they get a profit.

Many of the orders that are placed with STP brokers never actually reach the global market. If a broker operates in this way, they can be biased towards a particular outcome of your trade as they are not making money from the spread.

I don't fully understand how things operate but the above statements are what I believe goes on with our lovely friends, the brokers :)


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Its Market Makers with dealing desks you need to careful of, they will take the other side of your trade most of the time unless you are consistenly profitable then they will start to hedge your trades so they are not exposed to you. Of course this is less profitable and takes more effort than just having a load of bad traders throwing their money at them. This is possibly the reason they do not like people running profitable EA's.

STP brokers always hedge your order with a bank and have no dealing desk, hence the Straight Through Processing name. I mean real proven and properly regulated (FSA, CFTC, ASIC, FINMA) STP brokers like GoMarkets or MIG bank. They are pretty much as good as ECN.
I have gone through a few brokers, oanda being the worst. I am currently with Go-Markets and their not to bad as my mandarine martingale ea is consistently getting two to three percent a week return, but will hunt pips if scalping with tight stop loss.


I've been running some scalpers on LiteForex and I've done well in the last 3 months. It's 4 digit but their service seems very good. Nice rebates if you get it directly from them also.


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I am sory for your story, but every broker have some bad side, there is no exist perfect broker.It is all about our experience. I have loose more than 30 000$ in forex but never say that brokers are guilty. I just saw that i dont understand Forex market well, and using EAs needs to know how, when and on which broker to use it. I agree that lot of them are scam but you can ask in forums before you init huge deposits.
It is not fair to judge to this people with him details and pictures. This is not forum for trial.

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