Leo Trader PRO need edu


Can this be educated couse it receives signals from vendors servers?

Well, anyway, check out the attached version, not sure if it works. :rolleyes:


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LeoTrader is a signal service, which means that you must have a licence key that is accepted by their server. So it's not a matter of educating the client-EA file, since it's so easy for the company to check and control the subscribers keys, and only send signals to those who have paid for their subscription.

I tried this service December 2010 - February 2011, and it performed very bad. So I asked fior a refund, and finally got my money back. First, the EA was extremely buggy, and MT4 often crashed. Often signals was delayed or was never received compared to what they present on their own server (and I have a 100 Mbit line). It's also important to understand, that whatever they was running earlier during 2010 as they present on their website, is totally different from what they are selling and running now.

If you want to test, do as I did, and pay for the subscription, and then ask for refund. But my recommendation is to not waste your time on this crap signal-service.

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