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Let us creat a live chat forum



yes that is great

yes that is great

This will enhance live chat that we build up our trading skill in no time .

Likewise general discussion regards signal and calls we be real time. And opinion can be sot for any trade placement.

Perphaps weekend offers us trading system discussion.


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Deleted and banned....but I don't understand why when I posted this post, it said "already pinged: <can't remember link>/sexvideo". What is that all about? Oh well, back to business...

Count me in (as long as the time zones correlate)...


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I do my best for IRC chat but i cant make it work , anyway I add some toolbar with chat lets tray it maybe it can do what we need , lets tray it and please kindly leave ur replay here after traying it .



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Hello everyone, please take note that MJ has put up a new chat software on the site.
You can see it appear on the bottom of every page.
Instructions are as follows:
(1) click "Join Chat" on the bottom right corner
(2) click the maximize window button so that it creates a new chat window. If you don't do this you will be disconnected everytime you move from page to page on the site.
Please see screenshot.

Thanks again to MJ! this is terrific!


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VIP Member seems that if you close the chat window you will not see any discussion going on while you are out.
So for now i think we should leave the chat window open at all times...we need to figure out how to get message history and/or change online statuses.

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